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Network of the non-governmental organizations against trafficking
in human beings

Thursday, 28th April 2015

The planned project of La Strada Foundation ''Network of the non-governmental organizations against trafficking in human beings” aims to establish sectorial, highly-specialized, nationwide network of organizations, that'll support preventing and eliminating human trafficking. The network is going to function in all of the voivodeships of the country. >>


The initiating committee of
the Network

Monday, 30th April 2015

The tasks of the Committee will be the following: developing detailed aims, principles and rules of the organization of the Network, coordinating the process of verification and recruitment of new members, setting out rules and scope of training courses, establishing the rules and range of cooperation, as well as monitoring and reporting. The recruitment of new organizations, that are experienced in preventing human trafficking, will be the next stage of the project. It is anticipated that 28 organizations from all around Poland will take part in this stage. The Network will have its representatives in every voivodeship, in the form of at least one organization. >>



The program of building and reinforcing the potential of the organization

Friday, 2nd May 2015

While establishing the Network, it's anticipated that 1 basic
workshop and 6 specialized workshops will take place.
Representatives of all member oranizations will take part